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How to Make a Call?

1.     Dial the Access Code of the destination you wish to call from your BT , Cable, Mobile  or Pay As You Go

        Mobile Phone or even a Pay Phone. Say calling a landline in India the Access Code you would dial would

        be "0843 375 2135."

2.    After listening to "Thank you for using Megasoft Calls, please enter the number you wish to dial..."

        announcement dial the full International Number including Country  Code e.g. for India you would dial

        0091 xxx xxxx xxx.

3.    We will connect your call to your Destination.

        Your call will be charged to you via BT, Cable or Mobile Phone provider at the appropriate  rate for that

        Access Code , i.e. dialing 0844 550 xxxx from a BT Landline will cost just 5p per minute including VAT.


*      It is advisable that if you are using a non-BT  Line to make calls then do check with your Service

        Provider as to how much you will be charged for dialing any of our Megasoft Calls access codes.

         Megasoft Calls offers one of the CHEAPEST  Landline, Mobile,

      Local, National and International Phone Calls without the HASSLE

      of Phone Cards or Pre-payments.



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