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MEGASOFTCALLS.COM is one of the cheapest and most affordable  Local, National and International

 telephonic  communication providers. We offer two different types of call packages.

1.     Fixed Rate Call Plans. These offer varied range of fixed amount of monthly payment plans.

2.     Variable Rate Calls. Under this all you have to do is find your country, get the access code and dial direct to your destination country.

For further details visit the respective pages OR e-mail:  

Terms and Conditions

Any calls using our numbers will be billed by your usual telephone service provider to the account holder for that line. Please obtain permission from that account holder before using the Megasoft Calls Service. Calls are charged from the time you are connected to the Megasoft Calls Service. For a BT Line the rates are available on their website, other service providers may charge a higher rate, please contact your service provider for further details. We reserve the to terminate any call if we consider it is being made unlawfully or fraudulantly. The Service issubject to availability. Quoted BT prices are for customers using residential option 1,2 or 3 and are correct as of 15.06.2010. The Service and quoted prices are subject to change without notice. Service is provided by Megasoft Computers Ltd. trading as Megasoft Calls.                                & are trading  names of Megasoft Computers Ltd.

  Rgd. Office: 30 Alan Place, Bath Road

  Reading, RG30 3BW, UK.

 Tel: 08 44 33 01234                                                                       E-mail:                                            Copyright © 2010 Megasoft Computers Ltd.